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Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Spiritual Teacher

R. A. Burgener from Spiritgeek.com - Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive Life Coach
Robert is a Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and an Intuitive Life Coach. Recently he has moved from Sunny Southern California to Portland, Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Robert has always been dedicated to helping others make the absolute most of their lives. As a firm believer that we create the world of our experience through action and perception, he has successfully Coached people on various subjects ranging from:

  • Self-Image
  • Career
  • Personal Relationships
  • Career Reorientation
  • Personal Determination

As well as nearly ALL other areas of their lives, Personal and Business.

With just short of a half-century of personal study and experience in making the Law of Attraction work in both his own as well as his friends and clients lives, Robert has the experience to help people achieve what they wish.

As a Life Coach I get to help others realize their dreams and as a Spiritual Teacher I help them become the highest self they can become, their own personal Master of the Universe.

The Universe is just waiting for us to place our requests in a manner that is in accordance with the Laws of Manifestation. These laws are surprisingly simple and all that is required is our following them in their simplicity.

Robert Burgener

While learning from life as well as those he works with, Robert recently completed the California El Camino Real, an 850 mile journey from Mission San Diego de Alcalá to Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonora, California. A journey of just over two months, it was a personal pilgrimage to begin a new phase in his life as well as facilitate his move to Portland.

Who or What is Spiritgeek
A short, somewhat humorous, piece about how Robert Burgener came to begin understanding the world around him and developed into the person that he is today. The basics of what he teaches; the Law of Attraction also known as “The Secret®“, and how he came to trust it in his daily life.

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