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There was a time when people went to psychics to ask when they'd meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. But with the current state of the economy, more people are turning to psychics to find out what their financial future looks like.

You may passionately believe in psychic ability or totally dismiss the concept - however - over the past few months this industry has seen a huge surge, mostly due to people's financial fears. And beyond fortune telling, many psychics provide tools for dealing with uncertainty.

"My job is to look into each person individual economy and compare it to the economy of the rest of the country. I like to call it a 'Me-conomy,'" says Van Nuys based psychic David Tillman from "Not everyone is going to suffer. They say that during the Great Depression there were more millionaire fortunes made than any other time. I help my clients see the light at the end of their individual tunnels. I give them tools on how to let go of their fears," says Tillman.

"A psychic reading provides a snapshot of what your life looks like at the time of the reading. A reading can give you an idea of where you are now, where you've come from, where you want to be, and how to get there," claims Los Angeles psychic Lydia Angel from

Staying in tune with each individual's specific situation is a big part of a session, says psychic Yana Miller from West LA. "I read for them and feel what direction their energy sends them and what is the best course for them to take - whether to wait or go ahead with plans they may have had," says Miller from

"It may be uncomfortable, but one can also use the current economic crisis as an opportunity to re-evaluate what is truly important and what we may want to discard," states Robert Burgener from "Make sure you analyze what you hear about the depths of the current 'economic crisis.'" says Robert. "Sadly, it seems that most news outlets have traded in traditional journalism for subjective and sometime manipulative stories designed to entice more than to inform. In other words, while what they say may be technically true, the amount of repetition and hype is often quite over done."

Sherman Oaks psychic Victoria Bazeley from says she provides her clients with "an outline of the time periods they should be prepared for or take action upon. I give clients a literal map of their future that they can refer to over time, so they know what to expect. This is tremendously comforting and takes such a load off people's minds. They can go on to take productive action and protect themselves."

Aside from traditional psychic readings - another area gaining recent popularity is hypnotherapy - therapy undertaken with a subject in hypnosis.

"In day to day life, we take in millions of bits of information," explains Playa Del Rey Hypnotherapist Mark Zyga C.Ht. PhDc. from

"These all pass through our conscious mind and are filtered into a few bits of relevant information. It is relevant to us because our subconscious mind has previously made it part of our metal patterning or norm. Problems arise when our patterning becomes outdated but we continue to process information in the same way. Hypnotherapy is like talking directly to the subconscious to change those patterns to something that is more suitable for one's present day needs and wants."

APRIL 2009

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