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Payment and Cancellation Policy

Coaching & Teaching services must be paid for in full at the first session. There are no payment plans for coaching & teaching packages. Discounted volume packages are valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase. Pre-paid sessions will be "credited" to client's account and "debited" from as sessions are used.

Coaching & Teaching Sessions must be rescheduled, by phone or email, no later than 8:00pm the day before the appointment or the client will be responsible for full payment of the Coaching and/or Teaching Session. If we have prior notice, we will offer you another time slot within the hours in the same week, if available.

Client understands his/her Coaching & Teaching Sessions begin promptly at the scheduled time. Tardiness is not excusable and the session will be charged to client's account in its entirety, regardless whether client was present for the duration or not. Your coach/teacher may not have a session immediately following your scheduled session, so once 15 minutes has lapsed since your scheduled start time your coach is free to leave the agreed upon location.

All classes and seminars have a date posted after which no refunds will be made. Missed classes will not be credited. Refunds will be issued in the same manner in which payment was made.

There are no refunds for downloaded materials. If technical difficulties are experienced with downloads, contact us via phone or e-mail, and we will rectify any technical difficulties immediately.