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Intuitive Life Coaching

When you have a single question that can be handled via eMail exchange, we call this eCoaching™.

eCoaching™ is a single e-mail exchange on any subject you may wish.  Please make sure to send as much information and detail so as to get the maximum help from this.

Many people use eCoaching™ as a method to get clarification on some aspect of what this site is about. Others have used eCoaching™ to sample Robert's practice without making a commitment to a complete session.

Whatever you are seeking, feel free to contact Robert at Spiritgeek.com

eCoaching™ Session

$35.00 USD 

Make sure to keep track of your "Payment Receipt ID", you will need it on the eCoaching™ entry form page to send your message directly to Robert.  Robert will answer as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours.

Go to eCoaching Entry Form