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Intuitive Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a technique for clearing a path between where one is and where they want to go.  Because everything in life is a choice, Life Coaching focuses on change via that choice.

In addition to basic Life Coaching, Robert is also an Intuitive which adds the benefit of picking up on what is not being said as well as what is. Robert uses this gift to give additional insight into his clients to help them progress as quickly as possible.

In traditional forms of therapy the emphasis is most often on how things made you feel and learning to accept those feelings. In Life Coaching we focus on what lessons were being taught and how to use those lessons to make a better future.

We are not the sum of our past but the imaginings of our future.

Unlike traditional therapy, which may continue for extended periods, the usual length of a round of Life Coaching is typically from three to six months of weekly scheduled visits.

Currently, we offer Intuitive Life Coaching sessions in the following formats:

  • In-person (Limited Area)
  • via Telephone
  • IM - Text Chatting via Internet */ ?>
  • Skype™ Voice/Video Calling

If this will be, or include, your first Life Coaching session, please fill out the 1st Session Questionnaire -- it will help us maximize our time.