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Portrait of Dr. euGene Scott Ph.D.

Dr. euGene Scott Ph.D.

   Christian - Protestant | Pastor Melissa Scott, Glendale, California, USA



Known by many as "that cigar-smoking, foul-mouthed TV preacher," he is probably my favorite Christian teacher.  While he does smoke a cigar and on occasion has been known to wear several pairs of glasses at a time, "foul mouthed" is not fitting.  I have learned more about the Christian faith and the Bible from him than from any other teacher.  As Dr. Scott would say, "God got the message to me through this 'burning bush' and I manage to pass it on to you through this 'burning bush' as well."

One of my first introductions to Dr. Scott is what I term the "Amazing Grace Fiasco."  It was the spring of 1981 and Dr. Scott was doing one of his evening programs that he is so well known for, while I was living at a halfway house for young runaways called "Centrum of Hollywood."  During the program, he sang "Amazing Grace" and while I have no interest in insulting the good doctor, I definitely got the impression that he couldn't hold a tune if you glued it to him.  Over the next few days to weeks, every television evangelist I've ever heard of and several that I hadn't, weighed in to comment about how "sacrilegious" or insulting to God, churches and other ministers his singing had been.  I will never forget how he responded which was basically, "The Bible doesn't say to sing a beautiful song to the Lord, but to make a joyful noise and that's all that the Lord gave me the ability to do."

I found Dr. Scott to be a great diversion from the daily routine at Centrum as all we ever did there was go to Church and have Bible studies.  Dr. Scott, while teaching on the usual subjects you find in church, would also speak about the Pyramids of Egypt, the Lost Tribes of Israel, Atlantis and Demonology.  His sense of humor, while occasionally quite dry, made him interesting to watch.

Though some say that he uses "strong-arm" tactics to collect donations, I must say that in my experience, this is not really the case.  Occasionally he will do a "Secret" which will require donations that he may or may not disclose the purpose of immediately, but does eventually.  He will be quite persistent, but I would not call it "strong-arm" unless you consider all persistence as such.  On top of which, I have always given Dr. Scott credit for saying something I have NEVER heard any other TV minister say.  When he has needed to do outright fund-raising for station fees or such, he asks for them only from those who feel they have learned from his teaching, if they haven't, he will say "I don't want your money."  Name me any TV minister that would say such.


Dr. euGene Scott earned his Ph.D. in Philosophies of Education at Stanford University in 1957 been an ordained minister for over 40 years.  Faith Center of Glendale, California elected Dr. Scott as pastor in 1975 and the same year Dr. Scott started nightly broadcasts on "The University Network."

The University Network now broadcasts on television, radio, satellite and short-wave 24 hours a day and can be reached everywhere on planet Earth as well as via the internet.

Dr. Scott's main church, known as "The Los Angeles University Cathedral," formerly the United Artist Theatre, as well as its famous "Jesus Saves" neon sign have both been declared "Historical Monuments."

Dr. Scott is an artist, bibliophile (a lover of books), equestrian, philanthropist, philatelist (a stamp collector) and philosopher.  Dr. Scott also has a collection on the History & Development of the English Bible partly on display at the Cathedral.  This collection includes many milestone editions of the Bible as well as books and manuscripts used directly or indirectly in the creation of the modern English Translations.

Sadly, on February 21, 2005, Dr. euGene Scott passed away and I was afraid that I would never hear the end of his series on Romans.  His wife, Pastor Melissa Scott has stepped into her late husband's shoes and is doing a wonderful job, will the wonders never cease? Go Melissa!!!

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