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Silver Background
Who or What is Spiritgeek


Robert in 1981 at the beginning of his adventure.

Robert — Summer 1981
The beginning of the adventure!

An Introduction

To start with, Spiritgeek is that dashing young man in the upper-right corner named Robert Burgener (well, that was me at 16).

Robert has spent more than half of his 40+ years on this world studying comparative religion, theology and philosophy. During that time, Robert also discovered by accident that if we take responsibility for everything in our lives, yes everything, that the universe tends to start jumping through hoops to fulfill what one wishes.

Later, Robert realized that this was not a new thing but had been written about for millennia and called many things, like the Law of Attraction, "The Secret", the "Power of Positive Thinking," et al.

What interested Robert the most was that with his somewhat disastrous childhood being what it was, it had set him onto a path that was completely divergent from what his family would have expected from him and for this, Robert thanks them and the universe.

Some of the basic core lessons that became self-evident are:

  • Every religion throughout history that Robert has been able to study, agree on one thing; that we are eternal spiritual/energy entities that only inhabit this world in these bodies temporarily.

  • Since we are the creation of an All-Powerful entity, that is to say we are all God's children, we have inherited our parent's ability to create the experiences we wish.  However, our biggest problem is in that we do not always realize what we are creating.

  • This world was intended to be an entertainment for the soul, but in forgetting that and becoming attached to "things," we make ourselves less than happy. Buddha was right.