Masters and Servants

You will be pleased to know that the “Masters” have spoken and the “Servants”, err people, have complied. The people may now assume the position and get prepared for insertion with a barbed wire condom.

Seriously, it has been an extremely long and drawn out battle this election cycle. I congratulate my Republican and Trump loving family, friends, acquaintances and readers, I hope you get everything you expect from the incoming administration; I just hope you want what it is you are getting.

I wish I could say it had been an honorable battle, but with as many outright lies and deceptions, that just cannot be said. I couldn’t sleep last night and kept getting up to modify the following; it pretty much sums up how I feel about last night’s results.

To the drinkers of the Kool-aid,

I have three things to say:

  1. I know you don’t see it, but you “got played”, and it is extremely probable that you are now about to be officially owned; nothing but an exploitable resource, property.
  2. There is an excellent chance that your delusions of grandeur are about to be smashed to smithereens. Sadly, there isn’t anything I can do about it, sorry! The scales are about to fall from your eyes; the truth may set you free, but it can still be a bitch.
  3. Let’s all practice St. Ronnie’s Nuclear Survival Plan:
    • Sit in a nice, comfortable, dark corner
    • Put your head between your legs
    • Kiss your ass goodbye

Enjoy the fruits of your labors, ’cause I suspect the gloating is going to give way to the reality you have just loosed onto the world. I hope I am wrong and that you are right, I honestly hope that the next two years are everything you want them to be; God help us, they had better be.

Dear Illuminati, Lizard People, incredibly short-sighted greedy people, whoever it is that actually thinks this trajectory is correct; all those who want this outcome,

I get the psychology of what happened last night, Pavlovian Response Training; it started quite awhile ago, but kicked into high gear on March 12th, 2002; the masses will be glad to know that they passed with flying colors. What I just cannot wrap my head around is the “why”.

I admit I am only an observer of humankind; I am not a trained Cultural Anthropologist, Sociologist or Psychiatrist. I like to think I have at least an average number of correctly firing neurons, for the life of me, I can only find limited viable solutions, and cannot decide if I should laugh or cry.

So here is what I see, let’s lay out the game and its players into the light; do not worry, they will scurry like roaches back into the shadows:

Republicans are about profit, no more and no less; they are defined by greed. What about the Christians? They sold their souls when they got into bed with the Republican Party, oh they can salve their egos by being anti-abortion and anti-same-sex marriage, but, when it comes to the rest of the teachings of Jesus, not so much. They fell in love with mammon (Matt 6:24); though they will likely never have it, ironic that.

The powers that be in both America and around the world have created a system that is destined to fail and do it quite dramatically.  The system is based on a finite resource, petroleum, and yet requires infinite consumer growth and spending to keep the worldwide Ponzi scheme going.

Profiteers love war; it makes them LOTS of money and wars they have aplenty. They will claim it’s for this or that, but it is almost always about getting or taking something someone else owns. Though, George Carlin may have been right in his assertions that it is all about males and the fear that their penises are not up to the competition.

Religion, that amazing playbook of control, is once again being manipulated to create tensions amongst the groups and then justify the outcome. Is it any wonder that many people have come to hate religion? Where the Republican right could not handle speaking carefully about the topic, they are likely to embolden certain enemies by the rhetoric they prefer. The Middle East could very easily degrade into a religious war, ISIS would love that, it makes their recruiting efforts easier.

So-called “Political Correctness”, hated by those who just do not have the balls to say what they think and accept the consequences. You claim to love Trump for his absolute lack of PC, but what I think what you like is that he does not care what people think of what spews forth from his mouth. What you have likely failed to consider is that it also goes toward the very electorate that has elected him.

What is the End Game?

I can only see four potential destinations for the game:

  1. It is all about the moment, making as much money and accumulating as much power as you can, and you have not thought about the repercussions of those actions.
  2. You want to continue the game into the final sphere, momentarily, turn it all into the great One-World Economic Empire, where countries are no longer anything but pawns on a board and everyone and everything services you.
  3. You are hoping to goad God into the Second Coming by attempting to create the situations you see in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Cause enough chaos and grief and expect God to rescue you from the nightmare of your making.
  4. The least probable, but surprisingly most entertaining, would be that you are hoping to keep juggling this planet until you can escape to a colony on the Moon or Mars. Who cares about an old used-up planet when the plan is to move to a nice, new, virgin planet with exploitable resources.

In the short run, it does not matter; the little people will be manipulated to accomplish your goals, and those who are awake enough to call it into question will be ridiculed or removed from the discussion.  To quote Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the king.”

A student of questioning and motive.

~ Fin (and a warning) ~

Though it is going to seem rather petty, I do have one little thing to remind you of; it’s all on you baby!

You just scored a Neo-Con wet dream:

  1. You have a majority in both Houses of Congress
  2. An actor was not enough for you; you had to go with the “reality tv star”. Really?!?
  3. If the “Cheetos Bandido” wasn’t enough, you teamed him with the political twin to Fred Phelps
  4. You are likely to get a Conservative Majority on the Supreme Court

About the only thing that could make it the perfect orgasm would be super-majorities in both Houses, but hey, what is the satisfaction if it is too easy?

The Beast of the Christian Apocalypse is reportedly capable of holding it all together for three and a half years before it all falls apart, can you keep it up for two?

But, Presidential terms are four years? Why yes they are, but the Mid-Terms are in two, and if the power brokers don’t want to be remembered alongside Marie Antoinette, America had better be a Christian-Republican utopia or the trained haters you have created could just as quickly turn on you. You trained them well, but you had better keep the proles happy.

The Proletariat does not know it, but until the power elite succeeds in chucking the whole thing out, they hold all the cards. They, the proles, cast the votes; illusory as it may be, the forms must be followed until the “Owners” feel safe enough.

Oh, Wizard! Would you please step out from behind the curtain? We would like to see the genuine face of our Masters so we may be devoted and obedient Servants.

Please know that I am hoping to be wrong, there are sometimes when you just want to be mistaken, because being right may mean you could have done something about it.

Written by R. A. Burgener

After finishing the 850 mile trek of self-rediscovery on California's El Camino Real from San Diego to Sonoma, California, Robert continued, via Greyhound, to Portland, Oregon, where he is becoming familiar with the concepts of weather and seasons after 30 years in Los Angeles.

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