Fear: a scary tool

Several years ago, I went to some Sales and Business Opportunity Seminars. For the most part, they were free, except for time, parking and an expensive lunch in or near…Read more →
Mastering Reality

Mastering Reality

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Not this, not that

In this Issue "...it's all small stuff" A Thought for Your Practice Neti-Neti Quotations Calendar & Announcements "...it's all small stuff" I find writing my blog entries, of which there…Read more →

Judgment is…

In this Issue Equality and Judgment A Thought for Your Practice Why Judgment Fails Quotations Calendar & Announcements Equality and Judgment In June I tend to think about the upcoming…Read more →

Love is Love

In this Issue Love is... A Thought for Your Practice Love is Presence Quotations Love is... February is here and I hear that Cupid has placed a large order of…Read more →