$headstyle = ""; $on_title Over-ride DB page title $headstyle add a page specific CSS file to the page $on_keyword Over-ride DB Page Keywords $on_desc Over-ride DB Page Description * * Helpful functions * to output email addresses at local domain : eMail Robert at foreign domain: eMail Robert to go to top of page (php function) $z = top_of_page("worw"); echo $z; */ $on_title = "About Spiritgeek.com: Robert Burgener and More Information"; $on_desc = "A quick intro into Robert Burgener and what he does as a Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. There is also access to more detailed information on the Law of Attraction and more."; $on_keyword = "Intuitive, Life Coach, Spiritual, Teacher, Reiki, Practitioner, Self-Image, Career, Law of Attraction, Universe, The Secret, Teachers, Inspirations"; include "../scripts/spiritgeek-t/page-bop.php"; ?>