$headstyle = ""; $on_title Over-ride DB page title $headstyle add a page specific CSS file to the page $on_keyword Over-ride DB Page Keywords $on_desc Over-ride DB Page Description * * Helpful functions * to output email addresses at local domain : eMail Robert at foreign domain: eMail Robert to go to top of page (php function) $z = top_of_page("worw"); echo $z; */ $on_title = "Spiritgeek: Life Coaching, Spiritual Teaching and other Services Offered"; $on_desc = "The Spiritgeek.com 'Menu of Services' that Robert offers; including Intuitive Life Coaching, Spiritual Teaching/Counseling, Reiki, along with his eCoaching™ program and availability as a speaker. Coming is the 'Inspirational Antagonist™' intensive program."; $on_keyword = "Intuitive, Life Coaching, Spiritual Teaching, Counseling, Reiki, eCoaching, Inspirational Antagonist, Motivation, Speaking, create, Spirit, Life, wonder, recreate, boot camp, laying on of hands, healing technique, Law of Attraction, Comparative Religion"; include "../scripts/spiritgeek-t/page-bop.php"; ?>